KOULBAK Recent Paintings and Drawings


Didier Aaron Inc presents Victor Koulbak's works from May 7th until the 31st.


Violet dress


Eve in a Violet Dress

Oil on canvas


16 x 13 in.

Only occasionally one comes across work of such exquisite beauty that it stops you in your tracks. The silverpoint work and paintings by Victor Koulbak fall into this category. Didier Aaron, Inc. will be presenting from May 7th until the 31st, sixty recently finished works never exhibited before in the United States.

Victor Koulbak works in a medium which is now rarely seen. It is a technique which goes back to Raphael, Michelangelo and beyond. He uses a silver-pointed tip to scratch into the coated surface of handmade paper to create "drawings" of wonderful intimacy and tenderness. Paradoxically, while the method and style are pure Renaissance, the subject matter is contemporary, resulting in a glorious fusion of the past with the present. The breathtaking quality of craftsmanship has to be seen first hand to be believed.

Koulbak was born in Moscow in 1946 and began his early training there at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He realized early in his career that he needed to discover for himself the principles and techniques of the Old Masters. He refused the dictates of official Soviet art and in 1975 he left the USSR, settling within a year in Paris.


Place : Didier Aaron Inc, NEW YORK

Date : May 7 - May 31, 2013

Opening hours : Monday - Friday from 10 - 5:30 and Saturday from 11 - 5

Address : 32 East 67th Street, NY 10065 NEW YORK

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Silverpoint, watercolor


12,5 x 10 in.